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About Us

Patient at front deskDr. Catharine Hildebrand has been in practice since 2003, following her graduation from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. There, she gained an evidence-based, scientific education that allows her to treat all ages using a broad range of different techniques.

Over the years, Catharine has seen people seeking help for a type of pain but suddenly found their breathing improved. A baby who had trouble eating or sleeping was able to function normally, or a child with an abnormal gait could walk normally again. Though it’s not possible to tell you exactly how chiropractic care will help you until you have an examination and begin care, you can feel hopeful and confident that it will, indeed, make a positive impact on your health.

Consider a Healthier Approach

In today’s world, it’s all too common that we expect a pill to fix anything that’s wrong with us. We’re dependent on drugs to feel better. But consider this: nobody has ever had a deficiency of a drug in their body. Although drugs are sometimes necessary, there is often a better approach to treating ailments and chiropractic care can play a large role in that approach.

We seek to find a natural way to assist you in your mental, physical and spiritual health. Along with providing chiropractic care and nutrition, Catharine will discuss numerous aspects of how to improve your well-being with you.

Find Out More

If you’re ready to learn about chiropractic and what it may do for you, contact us today! Convenient Saturday appointments are available.

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