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New Patients

Dr. Catharine Hildebrand’s office inside of Union Wellness Centre is a relaxed, casual place. You’ll always see Catharine in a private setting and will never have to worry about being behind schedule. Your time is valuable, and you’ll be provided with an entire hour for your first visit. If possible, please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in.

Getting Started

You’ll meet to discuss your history and what has brought you to us. The next step is to have a physical examination. Following that, Catharine will talk about her findings with you and what she thinks the best plan is to address your issue. She will provide treatment and advise on what to do moving forward.

Subsequent Visits

Your follow-ups are quicker, taking about 15 minutes each. Catharine may alter your treatment depending on how you respond and your changing needs.

Taking Time to Make New Patterns

Initially, you’ll see Catherine with a higher frequency to retrain your muscles and joints into the new, correct pattern. You’ve likely had your problem present for years, and it takes time to retrain your body. Once you are more stable and hold your adjustments, the frequency of your visits will be decreased.

If you choose to leave care and find yourself needing chiropractic again, Catharine welcomes you back at any time.

Are you ready to discover better health and the highest levels of wellness? Contact us today by phone or email to schedule your visit! Same-day bookings are available.

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